Welcome to ABC Learning Center

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Creative Curriculum: For Toddlers and PK-3
Houghton Mifflin Curriculum: For VPK Classes

Creating a warm and friendly environment where children 
love to learn is what ABC Learning Center is all about. Any 
preschool can help a child learn letters, numbers, or shapes. 
At ABC Learning Center, we help children learn how to 
learn. We encourage every child to ask "why?" and discover 
the answers for themselves. 
ABC Learning Center incorporates the Creative Curriculum 
for toddlers and the 3 years old classes. For more information 
about the Creative Curriculum go www.creativecurriculum.net

For the VPK classes ABC Learning Center incorporates the 
Houghton Mifflin PRE-K Curriculum. Click here for more information about HM PRE-K.

Your child will delight in the fun, interactive activities that are available to them and they will develop a love for learning while they are growing, playing and having fun!

Creative Arts teaches your child texture, color, design, and motor control.

Library and Language experiences enhance oral communication, listening skills and self-control. Literacy and early reading skills start here.

Math and Manipulative helps your child learn about number concepts, problem solving, order, serializing and coordination.

Sensory Wet and Dry allows children to experience mixture, touch, consistency, measurement, volume, and enhances math and science experiences. 

Block Building teaches your child about shape, dimension, size, construction, balance and cooperation.

Music and Movement helps your child experience creativity, patterns, melody, as well as builds large motor skills.

Science and Discovery is all about weights, plants, pets, magnets, measurements, and the world around us.
Dramatic Play is all about the world of pretend, self-identifications, family and community.